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The Connecting Times Initiative

LOGO CROMATICO senza sfondo2

The CONNECTING TIMES initiative is an innovative idea for the Cultural Heritage management through the development of advanced but accessible technological solutions, aimed not only at the enhancement of the enormous archaeological and monumental heritage but also at the definition of actions for the protection, preservation and fruition of the entire Cultural Heritage of the Town of Salerno.

It is a demonstrator prototype designed, on the one hand, to develop the actions on the Historical District entity as considered in the Project SNECS and, on the other, to allow the first experimental evaluations of the Platform CHIS.

Connecting Times represents a double approach:

  • finding the leitmotiv best gay chat room among past, present and future to create a space-time fusion within everyone’s reach, which highlights the linear flow of time and its resulting stratifications.
  • building a spatial and temporal connection network (web-based) that allows the hypertext navigation of cultural heritage, aim of the intervention.

In this sense, Connecting Times is also proposed as paradigm of the demonstrator actions of DATABENC and, as such, it is applicable to other contexts too.

The results of the Project MITO have made possible the realization of the activities of the Connecting Times initiative (link).

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SmartApp for Cultural Eritage



The Smart App for Cultural Heritage is a contextual application for mobile devices (e.g., smartphones and tablets) able to give the users context information according to their geographical position.

The users will be able to create their own profile (during the registration and modify it at any time) according to which they will be informed about all the resources (cultural, tourist and services, such as th free adult chat e ticket purchase) geographically close to their position.

Click on the QR Code or frame it with a QR Code reader to download the App for iOS device.

Apple iOS


Android App


Or go directly to your store of reference.

App Store Button  Google Play Button 


Virtual Tours


virtual-tour1 senza sfondo

Visit the Monumental Complex of San Pietro a Corte with our virtual tour.

The beta version of the virtual tour will allow you to visit both the hypogeum (archaeological digs) and the upper church (or church of San Pietro a Corte), giving you the possibility to experience an immersive fruition even inside spaces usually closed to the public.

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Virtual tour di San Pietro a Corte

Take the virtual tour

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