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NGOs can pursue their own mandates, irrespective of whether they are compatible with those of other NGOs, while the ICC must respond to the complexities of its own mandate as well as those of the states and NGOs. The NGOs that work under the CICC do not normally pursue agendas exclusive to the work of the Court, rather they may work for broader causes, such as general human rights issues, victims’ rights, gender rights, rule of law, conflict mediation, and peace. The CICC coordinates their efforts to improve the efficiency of NGOs’ contributions to the Court and to pool their influence on major common issues. From the ICC side, it has been useful to have the CICC channel NGO contacts with the Court so that its officials do not have to interact individually with thousands of separate organizations. NGOs helped birth the ICC through advocacy and championing for the prosecution of perpetrators of crimes against humanity. NGOs closely monitor the organization’s declarations and actions, ensuring that the work that is being executed on behalf of the ICC is fulfilling its objectives and responsibilities to civil society.

  • Hearsay and other indirect evidence is not generally prohibited, but it has been argued the court is guided by hearsay exceptions which are prominent in common law systems.
  • Before signing any award, the arbitral tribunal shall submit it in draft form to the Court.
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  • Each party shall act in good faith throughout the mediation.
  • when the Pre-Trial Chamber authorises him or her to open an investigation on the basis of information received from other sources, such as individuals or non-governmental organisations.

For additional services, the ICC may at its discretion fix ICC administrative expenses, which shall be commensurate with the services provided and shall normally not exceed the maximum amount of US$ 10,000. The above provisions on the costs of proceedings shall be effective as of 1 January 2018 in respect of all proceedings commenced on or after such date under the present Rules or the ICC ADR Rules. Amounts paid to the Mediator do not include any possible value added tax or other taxes or charges and imposts applicable to the Mediator’s fees. Parties have a duty to pay any such taxes or charges; however, the recovery of any such taxes or charges is a matter solely between the Mediator and the parties. All amounts fixed by ICC the Centre or pursuant to any Appendix to the Rules are payable in US$ except where prohibited by law, in which case the ICC may apply a different scale and fee arrangement in another currency.

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It means that the ICC acts inconsistently in its selection of cases, is prevented from taking on hard cases and loses legitimacy. It also gives the ICC less deterrent value, as potential perpetrators of war crimes know that they can avoid ICC judgment by taking over government and refusing to cooperate. The judgment of Jean-Pierre Bemba was rendered in March 2016.

When you click Save, the item appears in the Favorite Settings list and can be selected, along with the predefined items. To delete an item, select it in Favorite Settings List and click Delete. Click Save to save settings displayed in Favorite Settings List. Page 445Important You can change which items are installed during installation from the Setup CD-ROM selecting Custom Install.

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